Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world.

The necessary equipmentCricket requires the possession of specific equipment to play according to the standards. As a minimum, you need six stumps or pegs, with four bails (to be attached to the stumps), two special bats and a ball. The stumps and bails form the wicket, meaning wicket. Each team wears a suitable outfit and the wicket keeper. The bat is made of willow, with a rounded side and a flat side. The latter is used to hit the ball and give it power. So if you are a beginner, it is advisable to get second-hand equipment to learn, moreover the cost of second-hand equipment will be much cheaper than new equipment.The field of playTo play cricket, you need a big oval field. The centre has a rectangular area called the pitch. This is where the pitcher or bowler throws the ball to the opposing team’s batter. Its different segments are divided by the creases: popping creases or batting creases, return creases, bowling creases and the ends of the pitch. The boundaries of the pitch must be marked by lines.Rules of the gameCricket is intended to score points or runs, just like other field games. Two beaters from one team exchange positions or there is an elimination caused by the opposing team, known as the pitching team. The team to score points is called the batting team. A team has 11 players, a number that can be increased to 12 in case of injury. The batters or hitters hit the ball after it is thrown by the opposing pitcher. They switch places without being eliminated.

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